A documentary about an ordinary man's mental illness and how it inspired him to confront his struggles in an extraordinary way:

by walking.

From the outside looking in, Mark Norwine has lived the ideal American life. But he was living with a secret: Mark had lived his entire life battling a misdiagnosed mental illness.

On April 25, 2013, Mark will walk across Missouri by way of the state's historic Katy Trail. This walk is more than just a literal one; it is all part of Mark's journey to process his struggles with childhood bullying, depression, and bipolar disorder. As he travels  across Missouri back home to St. Louis, Mark will relive his story with friends, family, and those he meets along the road.

Walking Man is more than one man's story.

Mark is emblematic of so many others struggling with mental illness. After our initial shoot in Missouri, we will interview mental health experts and advocates in order to gain insight into how broader health, social, cultural, and political issues influenced Mark's perception of his own mental illness and how these issues affect the national conversation.

Mark's walk will end on May 11, 2013 at a candlelit vigil for those who have lost someone that suffered from mental illness. This last leg of his journey will be taken side-by-side with friends and strangers alike.

...a fitting end, to what would otherwise be a lonely walk.

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Music: "Christmas Eve at Midnight (Small Town Square)" by Lee Rosevere